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Hello hello everyone.

So I have come to notice that this lovey website that I have had sitting on the internet for a while has a little bit of a issue with it. Enough of an issue for me to completely change how it is fundamentally hosted and have decided to move to something else.

There’s a little bit of a story behind this so lets use this as a bit of a warning with people using alternative CMS’s and take from my life experiences.

So a few months ago i was looking for a CMS alternative to Wordpress, I wanted to find something that wasn’t as heavy as it and also having no dependence on a database would be ideal. Turns out a lot of my websites I host don’t really need comments or a lot things that wordpress provides, so I found one I was really fond of called GRAV CMS, its uses a flat file system, its lean and runs in php, so I was set. I moved my websites to it and bam, everything was grand. Or so I though, about 6 months later my hosting vps was starting to shoot me errors about storage capacity on some accounts. On looking further every site that I had moved over to GRAV had magically started to use up gigs of storage space, this surprised me since these where static pages I didn’t know where the space was being used up from. Then I looked into it and noticed the sites had very large cache directories, so over the months the cache had been filling up, now all I did to resolve this was to just log into every site and wipe the cache, but of course I didn’t want to do this every few months to > So I began to look for another alternative again and this has lead me to hugo now. So hopefully this test site will work fine and I can begin the journey of porting sites over again.

Only time will tell, but until then lets see how this goes.

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2022-02-20 12:06 +1000